performance, choreography: Anna Biczók

foto@Katarzyna Chmura for CU17

Date: 6th of October

Time: 20:00

Duration: 40 min.

Place: FABER (Timișoara, Spl.Peneș Curcanul,no. 4-5)

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*La achiziționarea acestui bilet, primești un bilet gratuit la reprezentația LANDSCAPE/S.

Descrpition: What is there that can not be seen? Which is the moment where we create meaning? How do text, sound, image and sensations complete each other to make us understand a phenomena as “experience”? And how do these contexts define the experience of dance? A mixture of expressions creates narrative to a performance that is – or not – present. A solo lecture-performance, continuously moving its center of perception, always switching its basis of representation. The performer describes memories, imagination, impressions, changes points of view in the story and tries to link her train of thoughts to the present moment.

”Only the future and the past are circulating in an unpredictable order, in which time is choreographed as a movement.” (Zsuzsanna Komjáthy,

Music: Vince Varga | costume: Emese Kasza (MEI KAWA) |light design/ tehnic: Kata Dézsi | Special thanks: László Fülöp, Ármin Szabó-Székely