Let The Body Speak- contemporary dance short movies


When: 4th of October

Time: 20.30

Duration: 2 h

Place: Cinema Victoria (Str. Ciprian Porumbescu 2, Timișoara)

Curator: Anton Ovchinnikov

Guest curator: Stanislava Ovchinnikova

About: A selection of contemporary dance short films created by Ukrainian choreographers and dancers, followed by a QA with Stanislava Ovchinnikova (curator and interdisciplinary artist from Ukraine).

Let The Body Speak is a video archive of works, movement practices and discussion of Ukrainian dancers and choreographers, created to preserve and document the somatic experience and visual evidence of the processes occurring in Ukrainian contemporary dance after the 24th of February, 2022.

"The human body is an archive that stores impressions of all the events that happen to it during its lifetime. Based on this scientifically proven idea, we decided to create a video archive of works, movement practices, and discussions of Ukrainian choreographers and dancers during the war.” - Anton Ovchinnikov