Shaping (public) opinions

Time: 16:00

Duration: 3 h (30 min. break)

Place: FABER (Timișoara, Spl.Peneș Curcanul,no. 4-5)

Speakeri: Radu Apostol (theatre and film director,light designer, founder of Replika Cultural Association, Romania), Viorel Cojanu (actor, founder & president of Replika Cultural Association, Romania), Rok Vevar (historian of dans & curator, Slovenia), Caspar Weimann (performer, professor & mentor, Germania), Stanislava Ovchinnikova( interdisciplinary artist and curator, Ukraine, Finland and Germany)

Moderator: Raluca Rădulescu

About: Access to information and education are the fundamental requirements for participating into social life. What kind of collective education and information spreading platforms are accessible and to what type of target public? What kind of steps towards building an alternative platform or transdisciplinary collaboration are there? Who are the ones considered right to take part in the greatest decisions or on the contrary, pushed away from the historical context? Last, but not least, it will be discussed the manipulation of social media, the right wing radicalization and anti-feminist in the online and the tactics of manipulation on these kind of social platforms, that can be the germinative action for radicalization.


Theatre as a public space

Time: 16:00 

Duration: 3 h (30 min. break)

Place: FABER (Timișoara, Spl.Peneș Curcanul,no. 4-5)

Speakeri: Claudia Bosse (choreograph & director, Germany/ Austria), Edit Kaldor (theatre maker & writer, Hungary/Netherlands), Florian Malzacher (plawright & curator, Germany), Arkadi Zaides (choreograph & performer, France)

Moderator: Simone Willeit (Uferstudios Berlin)

About: Can theatre projects propose a public space that facilitates both the radical imaginary and the pragmatic utopias? What kind of projects can inspire the political action and thinking to get over the artistic sphere, succeeding to extend the theatre sphere of action, to stimulate the ways and possibilities to find a way to engage in the social issues of the present time? This approach is meant to interrogate the structures - social, political and economic - that give a certain framework to the existence of each of us.


Arta ca ca mijloc de supraviețuire


Duration: 3 h (30 min. break)

Place: Centrul de Proiecte (Timișoara, Str. Vasile Alecsandri no. 1)

Speakers:: Mihaela Michailov (dramaturgă & critică de artă performativă, România), Vladimir Us (artist & curator, Moldova), Enkidu Khaled (regizor & performer, Irak/ Belgia), artiste din rezidența „LifeBoat”: (H)anna Kyrychyshyn (Ucraina) și Rita Lira (Ucraina)

Moderator: Mihaela Michailov

About: How important can the art be for our human being development? The question ”What meaning does the art have?” becomes a call to action, for an artist who lives in an area affected by crises, when every day can bring danger. Then, the artistic act it is not just a privileged choice, but an instrument of survival. Ephemeral nature of the body and the human capacity to facilitate or prevent the recovery of the interior conflict. A discussion about the artistic ways used to strengthen both individual and collective initiatives.